Canasis Canasta
Welcome to Canasis Canasta. At the center of fun™ for canasta. Download here.

A canasta card game with full sized cards and 442,368 canasta rule variations. A strategy card game classic enhanced by random sounds, full scoring charts, game stats with highscore tracking. Challenging yet easy to learn with the instant help button.

 Editorial Note
Our goal has been reached! We have already made the best canasta software ever created; you will never find a better canasta program anywhere. Canasis has already been recognized as changing the course of canasta evolution and gone down in canasta history with the invention of new styles of canasta. Of course, we are not stopping there so we are still accepting suggestions for new features.
We are also reaching new heights with the number of people playing canasta, its getting busier and busier each day with over 30,000 members and 4000 different people playing each day.

 Canasta Leagues And Clubs
A list of canasta groups run by players we are proud to host at Canasis. Interested in creating or bringing a league or club here? Email us.

 Rule Options Chart
A quick chart to help you with the many styles of canasta we have. Remember, you can customize the rules to your needs.

Basic Rules
Cards Drawn 2 3 2
Number of starting cards 11 16 11
Game goes up to 5000 3000 5000
Pure wildcard groups allowed Yes Yes N
Pot Rules
Natural pair always needed in meld for pot Yes N N
Minimum initial points needed to first pickup pot Yes N Yes
Pot frozen at start of hand Yes N Yes
    Seperate freezing for each player at start N N Yes
        Only frozen till after player makes initial meld N N Yes
Canasta Rules
Canastas needed to end hand 2 0 2
Clean canastas needed to end hand 0 0 0
Canastas needed for + score 1 0 0
Canasta bonus points count for minimum initial Yes n/a N
Adding cards to canastas Yes Yes Yes
Red Three Rules
Red three bonus amount 100 100 100
Red three draws replacement card Yes Yes Yes
Red three can be thrown (freezes pot) Yes N N
Double bonus for all 4 red threes Yes Yes Yes

 Card Values/Worth Chart
In canasta, each card has a certain value or worth. Here is a simple chart for newbies to use as reference.

Card Value/Worth
black 3, 4-7 5 points
8-King 10 points
2, Ace 20 points
Jokers 50 points
Red 3 usually 100 points (can be changed in rule options)

 Minimum Initial Meld Chart
In canasta, you have to have a specific number of points in your first meld to leave the cards on the table. The minimum number of points increases for each hand as your total score for the game goes up. Here is a simple chart for newbies to use as reference. This "minimum" rule is of course optional and can be turned off.

Previous Score Minimum Requirement
negative no minimum
0 to 1495 50 points
1500 to 2995 90 points
3000 or more 120 points

Most of the features that have been requested in the past year of beta testing are now available in Canasis canasta for your enjoyment, and many more features are on the way. Here is just a taste of the canasta features:
  • 2-4 player with or without partnerships
  • 3 robots: easy, robot gone crazy, average
  • 442,368 rule variations possible
  • open partnerships option
  • highlighting of cards picked up

 Upcoming Changes/Improvements
The below changes are on our canasta todo list but we do not know for sure if or when they will be finished.
  • quick-gameover option if deck is empty
  • add double dirty canasta rule option
  • add hand and foot style
  • add canasta five style (3 deck)
  • 6 player canasta (2vs2vs2, and 3vs3)

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