1. Canasis is FREEWARE, but still copyright

2. Definitions

3. Copying is FREE so long as requirements met

4. Disclaimer: Canasis comes "As Is"

5. Privacy statement

6. Required agreement

7. Survival after termination

8. Private technology

9. No interference

10. Other terms



All of Canasis is Copyright (C) 1996-2003 by MPI. Canasis is designed, produced, owned, trademarked and copyright by Metamorphosis Productions International (MPI). ALL Rights Are Reserved. Any violation of MPI's rights or this license agreement in ANY respect may be prosecuted by MPI to the FULL extent of the law. Canasis (TM) and MPI (TM) are trademarks of Metamorphosis Productions International.



Throughout this license, the use of the words "distributed", "copied", and "duplicated" all refer to any form of distribution, copying, duplication, publication, and/or replication on any media and in any form. Use, concurrent or otherwise, of one copy of Canasis for more than one computer or more than one person (including, but not limited to, networks and remote computer connections) is considered copying of Canasis. CardGameCentral, Canasis, Canasis vB, Canasis v2, Canasis vB-Unregistered, and Canasis v2-Unregistered all refer to the same product together with all associated subprograms, data, and parts of the website at MPI's sole discretion. MPI, Metamorphosis Productions International, and Metamorphosis Productions all refer to the same "Metamorphosis Productions International" company. This license agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Canadian province of Alberta. "We" and "Us" refer to MPI.



This FREE software is sometimes referred to as "FREEWARE". Free use and distribution of this Canasis is granted under the following conditions:

A. No information, data, and/or files may be removed, altered in ANY way, or added to the distributed package. Canasis can not be distributed in part. Altering and/or removing this license agreement is also a serious criminal offense.

B. No charge may be placed for Canasis nor can it be distributed together with other products (commercial or otherwise) where the other products or the collection is being paid for or requesting donation for, whatever the reason. As an example, but not at all limited to this situation, Canasis can not be put onto a collection of software which

requires a distribution fee to be paid by purchasers. If you wish to put Canasis in any collection or group of software which is charged for, contact MPI for expressed written permission (which we may gladly provide so long as purpose of the charge is made clear).

C. It must be made clear that Canasis is freeware, is available for free, and this license must be agreed to before use. Any indications or hints at Canasis being otherwise is prohibited.

D. Canasis must be distributed in a way that somehow exposes all users to the terms of this license agreement before use. This can be during installation, before installation, during product opening, before product opening, before downloading, or otherwise.

E. OPTIONAL: MPI should be notified of any distributions in excess of 50,000 copies. This notification is not required, but allows us to prepare for increases in our membership so please be considerate and notify us.



Please be aware that Canasis comes "as is" to the maximum extent of the law. Use at your own risk. Absolutely no expressed or implied warranty is provided and MPI shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any type of damage or loss of anything as a direct or indirect result of the usage of this program or otherwise. Solely at MPI's discretion and option, MPI may choose to replace your copy of Canasis. Canasis should never be used on a computer where performance or stability of programs or a network connection directly or indirectly affects security, sensitive information, valuable information, or other important tasks. This disclaimer extends to all MPI employees, owners, affiliates, partners, and volunteers.



We try our hardest to maintain a descriptive and honest privacy policy. In attempts to make Canasis as fun, easy to use, and safe as possible, we may automatically collect information from Canasis pertaining to Canasis errors, problem areas, help usefulness, advertising within Canasis, usage of Canasis, ratings, ladder positions, tournament standings, sets played, and other information directly related to Canasis. This information does NOT include real name, email address, information about your use of the internet outside of Canasis, geographic location, financial information, or other very sensitive information. The information may also be combined with large groups of people to obtain statistics about Canasis and its usage. For example, but not limited to these examples, we may obtain statistics such as 60% of Canasis users are female, 10% of people read the tutorials before playing, and 25% of people play regularly. Any such information obtained from Canasis will become solely our property, and can be used in whatever way we choose. Canasis is our intellectual property, and we have the right to monitor its abuse, usage, and problem areas, but we do so while respecting your privacy. MPI reserves the right to disclose any information mentioned above if, in MPI's sole discretion, doing so is needed to protect MPI, its rights, its property, its users, or is required by law. Other information may be voluntarily provided by you (for example, typing in your email address during membership or tournament signup), such information will not be disclosed to outside parties, sold, or made publicly available on an individual basis without your prior consent.



By distributing, running, using, or loading Canasis you completely agree to this license agreement and agree that use of Canasis is strictly at your own risk and according to this license. Agreement to all of the terms and conditions of this license is mandatory. If any part of this license is prohibited by any laws in your area or Alberta, you are not absolutely certain that this license is not prohibited, you did not read and fully understand the license, and/or you do not agree to the license then you should not use this software and you must not add it to your computer or must carefully remove it from your computer immediately if it has already been added to your computer. You acknowledge and understand that by refusing to accept these terms, you have rejected this license agreement and therefore have no legal right to install, use, or copy Canasis.



MPI reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason with or without notice. Upon termination, all rights given to you will cease and the use, copying, distribution, and/or possession of Canasis will not be allowed. Upon termination, Canasis should be completely removed and either return to MPI or destroyed. Sections 4, 8, and 9 will survive and stay in full affect past the termination of the agreement, and you agree to be bound by the terms past the termination of the agreement.



A. You agree that disassembly, decompilation, or reverse engineering any part of Canasis in any way is in violation of this license agreement. You further agree that publishing, distributing, or exporting such information or derived works is in violation of this license agreement. You further agree that knowingly instructing, permitting, and/or allowing others to do something that would violate this license agreement if you did it, is in violation of this license agreement.

B. Creating derived works based on Canasis and/or its design concepts is forbidden without the expressed written consent of MPI. Using Canasis to aid in the design of other works is forbidden.



A. You agree not to do anything that may seriously, clearly, or knowingly hinder the performance of the Canasis online servers and/or render them non-functional. Including, but not limited to, denial of service attacks, flooding chat windows with messages, wasting our server resources, wasting our connection resources, and/or wasting website resources.

B. You agree not to do anything that will undermine MPI or supervisor authority in Canasis. You further agree not to knowingly or clearly hurt MPI's or Canasis's reputation, or use Canasis information to do so.



A. If any one statement within a section, or a section altogether, is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the section and all other sections will remain intact as if that statement was not in the agreement.

B. If you would like clarification, have any questions or concerns, or would like verification for your understanding of this license, contact Metamorphosis Productions International. Note that contacting MPI does NOT in itself change or void this license agreement.

C. This license may be changed by MPI at any time. The latest license agreement may be obtained for your review from our website, by contacting MPI, or via email. You should periodically, at least every 6 months, check for changes or upcoming changes to this license.

D. MPI may, at any time and for any length of time, restrict the purpose for using Canasis. This includes, but is not limited to, temporarily restricting the use of Canasis for tournament or league purposes to prevent conflicts with official tournaments or for any other reason.

E. You should check for, read and agree to any other third party contracts that are included with Canasis, this license agreement, or the distribution package that you have obtained.

F. The summary section and section headers are not part of this license. They are solely for the purpose of making it easy to refer to parts of this license agreement and should not invalidate or conflict with the actual terms of this license agreement.

G. Canasis should be used for entertainment only. Tournaments are held for entertainment only. Paid tournaments will only be played if you are 18 years or older.

H. You agree to abide by all laws and legislation in the use of Canasis. You are not to use any part of Canasis including the chat systems for illegal purposes.

I. You agree that you are at least 14 years old, and if are under 18, have obtained parental permission and guidance to agree to this license and use this software.

J. You agree not to copy or transport Canasis into an country, state, and/or any area or location where this license would not be fully enforceable and/or would be prohibited in part or in whole by law.