Canasis Euchre

Welcome to Canasis Euchre. At the center of fun™ for euchre. Download here.

Euchre from Canasis is an online-offline euchre game. A family classic enhanced by adjustable rules and large easy to see cards. Challenging yet easy to learn.

 Common Questions
Is this a euchre game you can play online?: Yes
Force Forfeit?: No! and never will be
Options for Euchre?: Of course, thousands of rule variations/styles!

Do I have to join anything?: No!
Fastest way to learn?: Always click on "?" buttons to label the screen.
Can I bring my Yahoo buddies here?: Yes
Is it like Yahoo?: Lobby is similar, using mouse and creating tables are different.

Rule Options Chart
A quick chart to help you with the many styles of euchre we have. Remember, you can customize the rules to your needs.

Start Of Game Rules
Joker (benny, best bower) included in deck No Yes No
Lowest cards included in deck 9 9 7
Starting cards 5 5 5
Scoring Rules
Game goes up to 10 11 11
Tricks needed to save (make) 3 3 3
Super-euchred, defender gets all tricks (4 points) No No No
General Rules
Kitty cards offered as trump 1 1 1
    Allow picking kitty suit even after kitty cards passed No No No
Stick the dealer if all players pass Yes No No
Allow going alone (worth possible bonus points) Yes Yes Yes
    Dealer's partner can "order up" alone Yes Yes Yes
Dealer's partner can "order up" Yes No No
Must follow lead suit if possible Yes Yes Yes

 Scoring Chart
In most types of normal euchre (excluding many types of "bid euchre"), you do not get points for how many tricks you score, you get points for meeting the minimums or achieving certain goals. Here is a simple chart for newbies to use as reference. For some styles of euchre scoring changes. Most notably, super-euchred scoring only applies if that option is turned on. For playing without partnerships, the "with partner" points are used, not the alone points.

Goal Achieved With Partner   Going Alone  
maker march (wins all tricks) 2 points 4 points
maker saves (usually by winning 3 or more tricks) 1 points 1 points
defender euchred maker (maker did not save) 2 points 4 points
defender super-euchred maker (defender march) 4 points 4 points

 Upcoming Features
The below features are on our euchre todo list but we do not know for sure if or when they will be finished.
  • cut-throat style
  • "dirty clubs" style
  • bid euchre, and many games related to bid euchre
  • no-ace no-face style
  • railroading style (passing 1 card when going alone)
  • euchre sound pack
  • a couple animations
Got any suggestions? Email us. We like to hear from you.

 Helping Out
There are several ways to help us get euchre going: email, chat, talk, or whatever else you prefer. We can always use assistance in helping new players learn to play Canasis Euchre. The more players we get, the better Euchre can become and the more features we add. The biggest thing we need assistance in is getting more players over here.

If you are part of a Yahoo euchre club, feel free to represent your club in Canasis Euchre by helping others in your club out and passing on their comments and suggestions to us. If you do this, please do let us know so we can give you credit for it and when it comes time to setup our own clubs we will know who to contact.

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