List Of Supervisors / Supervisor Appreciation Pages

Information about all our supervisors, their personalities, and various interesting facts about them. Along with many thanks of course.

Firewall Setup

Help page for firewalls, proxies, NAT, routers, and connection sharing issues.

Deciding If Canasis Is Right For Your Group?

This page is for clubs, ladders, leagues, and tournament groups who would like information about coming to Canasis and what to expect when you move here.

Canasis Library

This is the online and newest copy of the Canasis library that is built-in to Canasis.

Official Banners/Links

This page has all the Canasis banners. They are often put on homepages all over the internet. Sister Site

ParlorGameCentral is like Canasis, is also powered by Canasis technology, but has uncensored chat with no cleanness rules.


Main page that has links to the playerlists for each game.

History Of Changes

Lists all the changes, improvements, and fixes in each new version of Canasis.

Posting Rules

League, tournament, and abandon posting rules


Archive of all our past newsletters. Even from back when Canasis was a DOS-only program.

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