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A pinochle card game with full sized cards, full scoring charts and game stats. 2, 3 or 4 players can play. With over 400,000 rules variations you can play Double or Single pack or customize your own rules without having to download separate games.

 Rule Options Chart
A quick chart to help you with the many styles of pinochle we have. Remember, you can customize the rules to your needs.

(Double Pack)  
Single Pack
Basic Rules
Decks to use 4 2
9's included in deck N Yes
All points and scores x10 (Aces 100 style) N Yes
Hidden melding N N
Forced Move Rules
Must follow lead suit if possible Yes Yes
Must beat highest card so far (crawl) if possible Yes Yes
Must trump if possible Yes Yes
Always allowed to trump after someone else trumps  N N
Other Rules
Minimum bid 50 25 x10
Minimum bid increase of 5 starts at 60 100 x10
Bid winners can exchange how many cards 0 4
Must have marriage in suit to select suit as trump Yes N
Scoring Rules
Games goes upto 500 150 x10
Minimum meld points for bid winner to score 20 0
    Failing to meet min, gets deducted bid amount N N
Minimum meld points during tricks to score 20 0
Extra score for duplicate sequences Yes Yes
Bonus points for last trick 2 1

 Meld Points Chart
A quick chart to help you calculate meld points, please keep in mind that some of the below may not be valid depending on rule options.

MELD POINTS Single  Double  Triple  Quadruple 
Type I (Runs and Marriages)
Run of trump (J,Q,K,10,Ace) 15 150 225 300
Royal marriage (Q and K) of trump 4 8 12 16
Regular marriage (Q and K) 2 4 6 8
Type II (Arounds)
9 of all suits - - - -
J of all suits 4 40 60 80
Q of all suits 6 60 90 120
K of all suits 8 80 120 160
10 of all suits - - - -
Aces of all suits 10 100 150 200
Type III (Other)
Pinochle (J of diamonds and Q of spades) 4 30 60 90
Deece (9 of trump) 1 2 3 4

 Upcoming Features
The below features are on our pinochle todo list but we do not know for sure if or when they will be finished.
  • begin ratings
  • kitty cards rule option
  • add easy robot
  • view bidding history button
  • exchanging cards rule option
Got any suggestions? Email us. We like to hear from you.
 Helping Out
MPI is pleased to announce that pinochle has been released to the public in the June25 version of Canasis. So far it appears to be running very smoothly according to several experienced pinochle players.

If you are a pinochle fan, we ask that you help spread the word about our new pinochle by setting your Messenger status message to "pinochle at". Thank you to everyone who does this for canasta or pinochle.
  • bid: number of points a player must try to score
  • lead: first card played to start a card or obligation play
  • pass: discontinue bid
  • rank: highest to lowest card
  • suit: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs
  • trump: highest ranking suit. player who wins bid names a suit the trump
  • meld: points received from the cards dealt
  • common marriage: king and queen of the same non-trump
  • royal marriage: king and queen of the same trump
  • marriage: king and queen of the same suit

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