Licensing - Own Your Own Game Site

Canasis is making available a limited number of licenses, some of which are geographic exclusive rights, to companies seeking new opportunities to expand their bottom line.

Licensing has a tremendous number of possibilities so contact us with your situation and goals and we will put together a brochure of what licensing options will best meet the challenge for you. The below 1 minute summary is just an example of the bottom line benefits possible for both parties.

Bottom Line For You

  • low cost (the surprising reason is because our bottom line profits are listed below and do not include making money from you as a priority)
  • easiest possible way to own a fully featured, multi-player, game and chat site (we take care of everything technical, running servers, adding features, doing updates, technical support..)
  • branding of the site with your own name, logo, and information.
  • many opportunities to link and reinforce to your other sites, products, and brands
  • many opportunities for direct profit from optional advertisements within the software to portion of retail box sale profits
  • possibilities to request custom features and/or games, either to provide for free to your users or for you to sell

Bottom Line For Us

  • profit from retail box sales
  • profit from optional advertisements within the software
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