Some Notes About Volunteering

  • Being chosen to volunteer does not automatically make you a "supervisor". But this is the first step to becoming a supervisor.
  • We do not accept anonymous volunteers, your real name and phone number are therefore required. Also be willing to provide identification upon request.
  • Volunteers greatly rely on eachother, so all volunteers must be available often enough to keep up with what is happening. This is why a minimum of 5 hours a week average time helping is required (sometimes less, sometimes more, does not include time playing games). This only includes the weeks we actually ask for help from you, nothing is expected from the weeks we do not ask for your help.
  • Clear language skills, at least average computer experience, and patience are all required.
  • Volunteering when you are not really interested in what you are doing will hurt the site especially when hard work is involved, therefore you must enjoy volunteering and working hard.

What is your nickname?
What is your full real name?
What is your age?
What is your Yahoo messenger name if you have one?
What is your area code and phone number?
What country do you live in?
How long would you like to volunteer for?
How many hours a week are you in CardGameCental?
How many of those hours are you willing
to help site and not play games?
What is your computer experience?
How long have you been playing at Canasis?
Current work status?
Have you ever volunteered/TDed on the internet before?
(if yes, please describe in comments below)
Have you ever been silenced by a supervisor for any reason?
What are you MOST interested in doing?
(pick 1-3, hold down Ctrl to select many)
What are you willing to do?
(even if I requested that it be your
only duty, pick as many or few as you like)
What are you not willing to do a lot of?
(hold down Ctrl to select many)
What games do you know a decent amount about?
What games do you currently like and play often?
What languages do you read and write fairly fluently?

    Your Message, You Must Include The Following:
  • a list of ALL the Canasis IDs you can remember using often
    (lying immediately disqualifies you permanently)
  • Why you think you will be a good volunteer
  • What time of day you are usually available
  • What days of week you are usually available
  • Any other comments you want to say

Do not expect a reply until the day you are chosen, which may take a long time. We do not comment on the status of applications.

If you would like a reply, what is your email address?

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