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Our game software is freeware, meaning it is totally free with no time limit and it offers 2 player up to 4 player games.

Multiplayer Card Games Online: canasta, spades, euchre, pinochle, and hearts

Canasta, pinochle, euchre, spades, and hearts are all available to play online at Canasis in a single multiplayer download. For online canasta card game players, we have modern canasta (normal), drive-thru canasta, traditional canasta, and the ability to customize your own canasta rules. Online spades has traditional spades, modern internet spades, suicide spades, expert spades, African American spades, and the ability to decide your own spades rules. Next, online euchre has normal euchre, English euchre, 32 card kiwi euchre, and the ability to customize your own euchre rules. Online pinochle has both single pack pinochle and double pack pinochle, as well as the ability to mix up your own pinochle rules. Finally, online hearts has several rule variations to play online against other people.

Multiplayer Board Games Online: chess, checkers, and dots

All three of those games (chess, checkers, dots) are available to play online at Canasis. Online checkers has English draughts (normal), simple US Checkers, Italian dama, Spanish dama, german damenspiel, polish draughts, canadian large checkers, Russian shashki, giveaway checkers (also known as losing checkers, suicide checkers), and of course the ability to customize your own rules. For online dots players, we have simple children's dots, square-It (a more grown up game), and the ability to make your own rules.

Multiplayer Domino Games Online

For online domino players, we have normal dominoes, all fives dominoes, no spinner dominoes, best of ten dominoes, and as with all our games, we always have the ability to decide your own rules to play with.


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Top 10 Reasons To Play Our Multiplayer Games

  1. online games are free (with no time limits)
  2. no long signup needed
  3. many friendly players online now to play against
  4. public chat is clean and vigorously supervised
  5. play thousands of rule styles of each online game (popup list)
  6. easy to use
  7. live free technical support
  8. daily free mini-tournaments and many serious competitions
  9. all online games are in a single download
  10. no slow java loading needed

More Features List

  • change the rules enough to invent new games
  • built-in messenger for convenient private chat
  • built-in color chatting
  • detailed progress stats like your skill rating and winning streaks
  • play 1 to 4 players and even 3-4 teams
  • no boring manuals needed
  • sound effects and voices

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Hearts Card Game

A hearts card game with full sized cards, full scoring charts and game stats. 2, 3 or 4 players can play. With literally thousands of rule variations, you can play many builtin popular hearts styles or customize your own hearts rules without having to download separate games. hearts online
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 Rule Options Chart
You do not have to customize your rules, we have many "point and click" styles of hearts rules so no experience needed. However, if you choose to customize the rules to your needs, here is a quick chart to help you with the many styles of hearts we have.

RULE OPTIONS Normal  Turbo 
Dealing Rules
Decks to use 1 1 2 1
Cards dealt 13/26 13/26 26/52 13/26
Remove lowest clubs so no leftover cards Yes Yes N Yes
Put left over cards into kitty N N Yes N
    Kitty cards go to hand and allow discard of other unwanted cards N N N N
Player with lowest club plays first Yes Yes Yes Yes
Playing Rules
Cards to pass 3 3 3 3
    Allowed to skip passing of cards N N N N
Can not lead hearts until hearts "broken" Yes Yes N Yes
    Queen of spades also breaks hearts N N N N
Must play queen of spades as soon as safe to N N N N
Passing Directions L/R/Opp/N scatter L/R/Opp/N L/R/Opp/N
Scoring Rules
Game goes up to 100 200 200 500
Queen of spades points 13 13 13 25
Shooting the moon points (getting all hearts+queen) -26 -26 -26 -52
Shooting the sun points (winning all tricks) -52
Jack of diamonds points -10
Ten of clubs doubles your score for hand N Yes N N
Spot hearts (points match card value) N N N Yes
If tie for winner, play another hand N N N N
If all cards tied in trick, continue to 8 cards N N Yes N
Cancel cards that are tied in a trick N N Yes N
Booster nines: using nine causes trick to continue to 8 cards N N N N
Can turbo charge cards N Yes N N
    Can not use turbo cards first time suit led N Yes N N
Points for reaching end of game exactly -50

 Helping Out
MPI is pleased to announce that hearts has been recently added to our game line-up. As with all our games, we have every common version of hearts out there, more than any other site out there.
If you are a hearts fan, we ask that you help spread the word about our new hearts by setting your Messenger status message to "hearts at". Thank you to everyone who does this.
  • lead: first card played to start a trick or obligation play
  • rank: highest to lowest card (2, 3, 4, 5..)
  • suit: hearts, hearts, diamonds, clubs
  • trump: highest ranking suit (always hearts)
  • bid: number of points a player must try to score

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