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Kindness Points and Kind-Hearts Badges


  • It's simple, do some kind things and you get kindness points
  • When you get enough kindness points, you get hearts badges by your nickname
  • You can also use your kindness points to get special new features

How To Get Kindness Points

Just host a table and play a new player (someone with a star icon) for 1 game, and welcome them to Canasis. At the end of the game, you will automatically get a kindness point, and it will show up after you next login.

In the future, we will also give out kindness points for other things, such as really helping to fix a bug.

How To Get Kind-Hearts Badges

  • White heart: 50 points
  • Pink heart: 125 points
  • Red heart: 250 points

Just get enough points and the heart badge will automatically show up.

What else Do Kindness Points Do?

  • Canasis automatically brags for you, every time you go to a game, it automatically announces in chat a "thank you" to the person with the most points AND the person with with the most points from the past month.
  • The kind-heart badge really tells people something about you. It says you aren't a pest, are kind to people, and support the Canasis community.
  • You will soon be able to use your kindness points to get special features like new colors for chat, boost your rating a bit, etc.

Can I transfer them to a different nickname?

  • Not yet, but in the future yes
  • We recognize that you may want to help new players with a different nickname so it does not hurt your rating.

Do the kind-heart badges show up for all games I play or just one?

  • All games

Can I play a new person 2 or 3 games in a row and get 2 or 3 kindness points?

  • Yes, so long as their star is showing you can play them.
  • The exception is if it becomes clear that you are now just doing it boost your kindness points and aren't actually being kind.

Can my points be taken away?

  • If you behave very poorly to a new player, yes.
  • If you are shown to be cheating (doing things just to get kindness points without actually being a kind person), yes.
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