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How do a become a Canasis supporter so I can host tables?

You can either
purchase the monthly hide ads ($4.95/month) and for as long as you have hide ads you will be a Canasis supporter, or you can purchase a Canasis CD which includes some time as a Canasis Supporter (1 year for the Boxed Set of Two CDs or 6 months for a single CD). It works out to less than a small cup of coffee ($0.99) per week.

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Can I still play without being a supporter?

Yes, but you will have to join a table that a supporter has made rather than making one yourself. If you are subbing, at least one person at the table must be a supporter at all times.

What if I already bought something before?

You will be a Canasis supporter until your hide ads expires, or if you bought a Canasis CD then you will get the included Canasis Supporter time starting in May 2008.

Why are we doing this?

You may have noticed that Canasis hasn't had an updated version recently. Players continue to come to us requesting features and many people are saying they will support Canasis to continue improving. By doing this, we hope that at some point we will be able to fund further improvements on Canasis.

Is Canasis going to improve immediately?

It depends on the response we get. We are not making any promises at this time. We are not going to change how we deal with technical support either. We will reply to all store order emails but will not use email for technical support (contact a great supervisor for that).

How do I know who is a supporter?

You will see a badge beside their nickname in the lobby. Note that you won't see your own badge when you login, but other people will see yours.

What games will be affected?

Currently only canasta tables will be affected. Other games will follow in the future.

Does buying one thing make me a supporter for all computers?

No. Right now it is for exactly 1 computer. You can not share products on multiple computers and doing so will cause the product to be deactivated with no refund and can possibly cause your memberships to be banned. In the distant future, we may allow every computer in your home, but not currently. You are allowed, however, for one single computer to have both your nicknames with the badge (that happens automatically).

How long does it take to become a supporter?

For most orders, almost instantly. It may take a few minutes for your codes to arrive in your email inbox.

How will leagues run tournaments for free players?

The more Canasis Supporters there are, the smoother the tournament will run. For the occasional tables that have no Canasis Supporter, the following steps would need to be followed by a TD or fellow player: The support creates the table for 2 players, has one free player join. The supporter will then leave the table and rejoin as a watcher. At that point the other free player can come in and join. Notice that this may cause abandon counts for the TD. In the future, depending on how things go, we plan to have some kind of package for TDs to be supporters and run their tournaments even for free players.

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