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Canasis Hide Ads

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Remove all distractions from your game and speed up your modem during playing. Hide ads also leaves you with more room for chat window

Why should I turn off the ads?

  • No distractions while playing
  • No popup ads
  • No crashing because of an ad loading
  • No more flashing ads
  • More space on your screen for chat
  • Ability to move your Canasis window down lower to leave more room on your screen
  • Modem works slightly faster while playing
  • Canasis starts up (opens) much faster

Can I buy several months at once?

Yes, you can buy between 2 and 12 months worth of hide ads. Price is subject to changes.

Can I share the feature-code or use on many computers?


Can I turn the ads on and off?

Yes, once you have the hide ads feature, you can turn the ads on and off as many times as you like on a single computer.

What is the return policy for this product?

How long does it take for the product to arrive?

Instantly. All the needed information will be provided on the receipt page during your order.

Legal notes:

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