Info Page For Zone Players And Zone Leagues Looking For A Home

We have received a pile of requests for information from Zone players planning on moving here, so we decided to provide this admin-TD information and player information page that answers all the most common questions specifically asked by Zone players. Further down, you will also find a tutorial specifically aimed at making Zone players comfortable.


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Common questions by Zone leagues

1. Do you have any incentives for joining this site?
Yes we have $$ available to motivate people to play spades and bring a friend. Just see (opens popup)

2. Can we have a room just for our league?
Yes, and if you host a lot of tournaments we can give you 2 rooms.

3. Is your site supervised and clean?
Absolutely, we control cussing and sexual chat in all our lobbies.

4. Can people with firewalls or slow dialup modems play?
Yes. We designed our site to work even with slow dialup modems, people with firewalls, routers, etc.

5. Can you handle 350 people in a room?
Yes. Not only can we handle it, but even people with slow modems will be ok staying in that room without problems.

6. What if we have a problem in our league room?
As league staff, you will be given a direct line to call down a supervisor and they will take are of the dirty work for you while you get back to the fun part of planning your tournament.

7. Can we prevent people from entering our league room?
Yes, if you want you can password protect your room so that only your members can enter.

8. Do you force leagues to follow certain schedules?
No, we leave you to do what you do best and won't get in the way.

9. Do you force leagues to follow certain schedules?
No, we leave you to do what you do best and won't get in the way.

10. How long have you had spades?
We have had spades for a couple years. We actually started major advertising of our spades on radio, newspaper, magazines, and internet a few days ago and anticipate it will grow rapidly as we reach 100,000's of people across North America.

11. Can league staff go in and watch a table?
Yes, just right click on a table to watch it.

12. Do you have a training mode for spades?
Yes, we have "open partnerships" which is a training and no-cheating mode. This allows your partner to see your cards so you can teach them and help them.

13. Can our rooms be rated or unrated?
Yes, up to you.

14. Can I copy and paste chat stuff?
Yes, just right click where you read things to copy stuff. Right click where you type to paste stuff.

15. How can I have a "host table" and still go check another table?
At zone you needed a "host table" to do announcements and reporting without disturbing lobby, here we give you a "host lobby" so you don't need a fake table. In Canasis, regular playing is in seperate rooms so you can feel free to do announcements, win/loss reporting, and whatever from the lobby. No host table needed.

16. Can I peak at someone's cards when watching a table?
Sortof. Have the player stand up for a moment, you can look at their cards, and then they sit back to their spot.

17. What if I have more questions?
We have more information on the league info page and spades homepage. Or just contact us. We can also schedule a time to meet live inside Canasis.

Common questions by players

1. How hard is it to get into a table?
Easy. Just a few obvious clicks:

2. Do I have to learn all the features right away?
No. Just play, chat, have fun, and later on (when you are ready) you can learn to change chat color, page people, customize rules, change graphics, change sounds, and more. In fact we recommend you don't try to use all the advanced stuff right away. Don't rush yourself to try and learn every great feature right away, just start having fun with playing and chat first.

3. Can you play all the "alt" styles of spades that zone did?
Yes and far more. We have more styles of spades than any other site so you won't have to change how you play spades if you don't want to. 2 player, 3 player, 4 player (with teams and without), traditional rules, modern internet rules, suicide rules, expert rules, Afro American rules, European rules, or customize your own rules with many options.

4. With all the rule styles, is it hard to setup a table?
Easy. Just click "traditional spades" when you create a table and the rules will be what you are used to. When you are ready for some adventure, click "customize" to change whatever rules you like.

5. I have weaker vision, can I change the chat font?
Yes, right click on chat to make the font larger or smaller. Also note that all our card games have LARGE cards, so its more comfortable to play.

6. I have a slow modem and firewall, can I play?
Yes. We designed our site to work even with slow dialup modems, people with firewalls, routers, etc.

7. Do you have more information?
Yes. Just visit the
spades homepage.

Tutorial for Zone spades players

Differences With Getting In Almost the same. Both Zone and Canasis you start by going to website and downloading the system. In zone, you then go back to the website to pick a room. In Canasis, you click the icon on your desktop to pick a room.
Differences In Lobby Almost the same. Less advertising, and tables are in a list instead of pictures of chairs (we believe it is easier to see the tables that way)
Differences With Picking A Table Almost the same. In zone you click the picture of a chair. In Canasis you just click the "join" button.
Differences With Hosting A Table A bit different at first, but really quite similar. In zone you click an empty table, wait for people to join you, then click "start". In Canasis you click the "create table" button. You choose what type of spades you want to play, wait for people to join you (you will see a list of people), then you click "start".
Differences With Playing Cards First thing you will notice is that the cards are much larger and easier to see. Second is that dropping a card is only 1 click instead of 2. Beyond that, the graphics are nicer and you can move the chat box around or minimize it.

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